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Houston, Texas has one of the most important positions in our nation’s history with aviation as well as aerospace. Who can forget, “Houston, we have a problem…” from the Apollo 13 mission in 1970 or its reenactment in Tom Hank’s award winning performance in the Apollo 13 movie? Although the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is not headquartered here in Houston, the Johnson Space Center looms large in manned space travel.

Aviation and aerospace intersect

The Spaceport Houston Club is a community fostering enthusiasm with aviation history, aviation experience today, exploring space resources of the future, and giving our members unparalleled access to aviation & aerospace organizations throughout Houston. Our members don’t just become “on lookers” – we participate. Who are we?

  • Enthusiasts interested in aviation and space
  • History buffs
  • Families with kids enthralled with being up in the air and space (by the way, those kids might be 80)
  • Veterans who love to interact with enthusiasts, kids, and pilots
  • Photographers who love capturing moments in flight
  • Student pilots and pilots
  • Aircraft owners

Amenities and Benefits

Joining the Spaceport Houston Club means that you get involved – that’s the point of our club. Our amenities focus on bi-weekly community informal events, affiliate events, formal member presentations around space & aviation.

WWII era ground school

The biggest benefit is our access – access to professionals in the industry that are as enthusiastic as you are about aviation and aerospace! Walking around a museum, you get to see history. Walking around one of our events, you get to sit down and listen to the men and women who made history, but they’re not being paid to be there, they’re here because they love it! Other benefits include:

  • Profile with extended information for pilots, instructors, and aircraft
  • Private community posts and commentary
  • Private calendar for aviation & aerospace events and happenings
  • Information feeds from aviation & aerospace
  • Discounts on products, events, rentals, and services
  • Engagement Manager – yes, a real live person
  • Membership to Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
  • Membership to Space Center Houston
  • Membership to the Lone Star Flight Museum
  • Membership in the Women’s Pilots Association
  • Membership in EAA
  • Membership in Coastal Skies Aero Club
  • Military veteran organization contribution

Our affiliates

We don’t and can’t do it all ourselves – our club is at the intersection of many organizations. We believe that a community is inclusive.

Aircraft maintenance at a discount to members, providing knowledge seminars for enthusiasts, pilots and owners

Flight privileges and training from Certified Flight Instructors at club locations throughout the Houston region..

We also support non-profit affiliates by allowing them to earn money for their organization, get their employees & volunteers complimentary Associate memberships, and other valuable benefits.