Spaceport Houston Club is all about community, remember we’re at the intersection of aviation & aerospace! Let’s build a community at historic Ellington Field, while giving back to the community at the same time. After joining the Spaceport Houston Club, consider working with us and your organization to join our AFFILIATE PROGRAM and earn value.

Building a community

The Spaceport Houston Club AFFILIATE PROGRAM offers all of the features and support expected from a professional business:

  • track your own AFFILIATE PROGRAM account,
  • set goals, and
  • earn money for your organization.


Here are the AFFILIATE PROGRAM benefits:

  • no fees required for the AFFILIATE PROGRAM,
  • no minimum nor maximum member requirements as part of the AFFILIATE PROGRAM,
  • a unique code to receive credit to your AFFILIATE PROGRAM account,
  • each signup in your AFFILIATE PROGRAM earns a minimum $5.00,
  • your organization marketed on our website and events,
  • exclusive coupons for discounts for qualified affiliates, and
  • volume bonus opportunities.

For non-profit affiliates within the Spaceport Houston Club AFFILIATE PROGRAM, added benefits are available:

  • employees and volunteers receive a complimentary ASSOCIATE membership at no cost for three months and then 50% discount thereafter,
  • invitations to speak and present at Spaceport Houston Club events, and
  • receive contributions based on AFFILIATE PROGRAM earnings for your non-profit organization.

Further information

Please give us further information on you, your organization, and what your goals are – we would like to discuss this further with you.