Become a Member

Members help sustain our world-class club while allowing us to add to the benefits and amenities that we provide. We like to say that other organizations allow you to be a spectator, but we bring you into the conversation and action!

The Spaceport Houston Club is a new organization in November 2019, but it builds upon its affiliates and its members with literally thousands of years of experience in aviation & aerospace. Our affiliate organizations aren’t spring chickens either – and that is why the value you get from your membership far exceeds your cost.

Member benefits

Depending upon your membership level, you can access benefits including:

  • Profile with extended information for pilots, instructors, and aircraft
  • Private community posts and commentary
  • Private calendar for aviation & aerospace events and happenings
  • Information feeds from aviation & aerospace
  • Discounts on products, events, rentals, and services
  • Engagement Manager – yes, a real live person
  • Membership to Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
  • Membership to the Lone Star Flight Museum
  • Membership in the Women’s Pilots Association
  • Membership in EAA
  • Membership in Coastal Skies Aero Club
  • Military veteran organization contribution

Membership levels

Here are the membership levels available. For a comparison of membership levels and benefits, please see our Membership Benefit Comparison page, otherwise select the membership benefit:

Level Price  
Associate $0.00 now and then $9.99 per Month. Customers in TX will be charged 6.25% tax. Select
Member $60.00 now and then $35.00 per Month. Customers in TX will be charged 6.25% tax. Select

If you are already a member at any level, you can call your EXPERIENCE MANAGER (you received your assigned EXPERIENCE MANAGER at the time of your membership) to help walk through what membership level you need to receive the benefits you desire. By selecting one of the levels, it will give you an exhaustive list of benefits to review, the ability to join immediately if you aren’t already a member, or ability to change your level (upgrade or downgrade) online – your choice.

Join the community, build your experience. Questions? Call us 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday at 281-393-9011 or send us an email at